Numerical Modeling: tRIBS+VEGGIE

The numerical model most used in our research lab is the TIN based Real-Time Integrated Basin Simulator (tRIBS) which is coupled to the Vegetation Generation for Interactive Evolution (VEGGIE). This model was developed at MIT within the Bras Lab and is maintained by Valeriy Ivanov (University of Michigan) and Enrique Vivoni (Arizona State University).

tRIBS is a physically-based distributed hydrologic model that simulates the following processes:
  • Surface energy balance;
  • Precipitation;
  • Evaporation and transpiration;
  • Infiltration;
  • Runoff production;
  • Lateral redistribution; and
  • Overland and channel flow.

VEGGIE is a simulates:

  • Biophysical Energy Processes
  • Biophysical Hydrologic Processes
  • Biochemical Processes