Chelsea Bumb Bio

Chelsea Bumb Biocbumb

New Riegel, Ohio

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (2009-2013).


Professional Experience:

Vertical Reality Training Center

Rope Technician (June 2011 –August 2011)

Instructed on rock climbing and rappelling, zip lines, ascending ropes, ladders and bridges, rescue and confined space training, rigging/de-rigging equipment, caving techniques, knot tying, testing new equipment and safety mechanisms.

Elford Construction
Project Management Intern (June 2012-August 2012)

Performed punch lists, closeouts, reviewed submittals, site evaluations, drawing takeoffs, completed proprietary company research for special projects, researched on site traffic analysis, completed change orders and RFI’s.

The Ohio State University

Student Research Assistant (August 2012-December 2012)

Liquefaction testing on fly ash, regarding coal mining refurbishment.

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock

Field Engineer Intern (December 2012)

Production Analyst and field reporter.

One Energy LLC
Wind Turbine Development and Field Engineer Internship (June 2011 – September 2012)
Field Engineer (June 2013 – Present)

Site supervision, QA/QC, created wind feasibility/mapping reports, updated field reference manual, created site drawings, updated and verified rigging drawings, performed initial research for unique business development parameters.


Research Interest:

I have been working on the future of wind turbine development, analyzing parameters such as location, turbine type, and wind resources to provide optimum power output and configuration.  Looking at current US Energy Policy, net-metered and wind farm projects are both heavily reliant on tax incentives, and otherwise are very expensive. I am trying to find an affordable approach to make wind a readily available option, by comparing current US practices to current global practices, and integrating my software for maximum power advantage.


Tower Rescue Training- Competent Rescuer

OSHA 30 Hour