Laura Reisenauer Bio


West Chester, OH



Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering (2009-2013)


Professional Experience:

Battelle Memorial Institute (March 2012-May 2013)

Researched the nation’s water and groundwater supply

Analyzed Statistics

Contributed to Reports

ConAgra Foods (Summer 2011)

Worked with mechanics, managers, and engineers to improve the safety and efficiency of the plant.

Research Interest:

My research at OSU has focused on evaluating storm water runoff modeling methods currently used in manuals across the country. I found that modern techniques assume stationarity in a nonstationary world. New modeling stratagies must developed to account for regional climate change and urbanization.



ConAgra Foods Scholarship (2011)

Achieved Deans List 7 times


Other Interests:

Saxophone and clarinet

Good books

Community service activities