Qicheng Peng Bio

Beijing, Chinaqpeng

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing, China (2009-2011).

Bachelor of Honours Scinece (ecology) in Biological Science, University of Waterloo, ON, Canada (2011-2013)

Professional Experience:

Quetico Provincial Park Forest Conservation Project

Quetico Provincial Park Forest Conservation Project is aiming at establishing geological information system of Quetico Provincial Park forest through tree core study. By analyzing tree core of fire-adapted and stand-replacing specie Jackpine and forest scar retain specie Redpine to establish the forest fire map, and further predict the causation and frequency of forest fire.  My work is GIS assistant who makes estimation of tree growth type and deduction of forest fire time by analysis of tree ring pattern and scar location on tree core samples.

Research Interest:

Interested in hydrological dynamics on the vegetation type variance in terrestrial ecosystem

Especially interested in understanding the nutrient deficiency and herbicide hazard as a result of or affected by precipitation and underground hydrological systems


Other Interests:

Reading and writing