Yaoping Wang Bio

Nanchang in southeast China

Bachelor of Science (Environmental), Beijing Normal University (2008-2012)

Professional Experience:
Intern, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Science, Beijing, China (August-December2011)
Estimating maize LAI time series under different irrigation regimes by MODIS data

Research Interest:

My primary interest is in using and improving the Community Land Model. The model can answer a variety of questions on water resources management and land/agricultural management practices under the climate change conditions.

At present, I am tinkering with its soil carbon and nitrogen cycling part in hope of better matching the model process to observed field data, and ultimately improve the model estimation of carbon stock and carbon loss rates. We are looking in the influence of physical factors and nitrogen limitation on decomposition, model structure, and other nitrogen transformation processes such as nitrification and denitrification.

In the future, we are potentially interested in the interactions between the subsurface biogeochemical processes and hydrologic processes, for example, hydraulic lift.

2012 Ohio State University Graduate Fellowship Recipient

Other Interests:

Tolkien’s Middle-earth
Good music